Members Area

Members Area

Club members are reminded that it is their responsibility to lodge with the Trophy Secretary, any claims for Club Standards Awards that they wish to receive.  If you do not claim, you will not receive the award – it’s as simple as that. 

For further information on the Club Standards Awards, please check your Club Handbook, or the Club Noticeboard.

To receive a trophy you must have run faster than the time shown for your age category for that distance:

e.g A 42 year old woman who runs a HM in 2:04:00 will earn a Jubilee trophy as she has run quicker than the 2:07:00 standard, but slower than the 2:00:00 standard

Once you have gained a standard Award, you cannot gain it again.

e.g. When a 42 year old woman becomes 45 she cannot earn another Jubilee trophy for her HM time, however if she runs the HM in 2:04:00 she will now be entitled to a Bronze trophy because she is in an older age category.